Two busy street-shots from Koh Samui at night. A salesman and under an western tourist with a prostitute.



This is one of the best photos TheG have taken, according to me. It's weird, beautiful, cryptic, cool and still quite clear at the same time. 



"No man on the roof today"

It's many years now since the man on the roof started to shoot cops in Bo Widerbergs Mannen på taket. The best film ever made in Sweden. I always go here when I'm in the area. It's like in the middle of history...


"Close to Slussen"

Under Slussen in Stockholm. We saw a homeless man here to. The next day there was an article about him in the newspapers and the goverments coldness to homeless people. A shame.


"Uno & Joao"

One of my favorite portraits. I took it in a restaurant on Söder, and both are actually happy - even if the photo shows to very serious faces.