Like a whore with bad make-up

Few persons really deserves to get hit in the face with a statue. Berlusconi is one of those disgusting persons that really had it coming. I love this screenshot I took from a newscast. I wish I could print it like a giant poster and sell it. But I guess I would get sued by the cameraman then?


Aren't we all insects?


The China Exhibition 2008

The fancy slideshow that Photobucket has dosen't work here in blogger, so if you want to see the twenty photos from our exhibition in Stockholm, just click here.


Sorry, been busy!

We're preparing a photo-exhibition and we've been very busy the last couple of weeks. We've been painting and building frames, choosing and developing photos, planning the little event (what to drink, what to give away for free and so on). But soon there will be more photos. It's a promise.




Two busy street-shots from Koh Samui at night. A salesman and under an western tourist with a prostitute.



This is one of the best photos TheG have taken, according to me. It's weird, beautiful, cryptic, cool and still quite clear at the same time. 



"No man on the roof today"

It's many years now since the man on the roof started to shoot cops in Bo Widerbergs Mannen på taket. The best film ever made in Sweden. I always go here when I'm in the area. It's like in the middle of history...


"Close to Slussen"

Under Slussen in Stockholm. We saw a homeless man here to. The next day there was an article about him in the newspapers and the goverments coldness to homeless people. A shame.


"Uno & Joao"

One of my favorite portraits. I took it in a restaurant on Söder, and both are actually happy - even if the photo shows to very serious faces. 







"Three photos from Märsta, in the winter"

"Three photos from Märsta, in the winter"

We have hundreds of photos from the capital of boredom: Märsta. But there's been a change since I moved there. I start to like the place, and it feels great to come home and it's quiet around you. Just sound of birds outside the window you know you can go outside without having to meet to much people. 


"Stellan is sleeping"

"Stellan is sleeping"

My friend is sleeping on my floor. Early morning. Don't know why morning-photos often tend to be good. It's probably because of the light. It's so much more alive in the morning. Like it want's to shock and stun the world.

"boat close-up"